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KRA 1: Strong, Effective and Sustainable PDF

PDF exists to serve and support its members from whom it derives its mandate, direction and purpose. In March 2017, PDF has 64 members from 21 Pacific Island countries and territories.

The maintenance and advancement of a relevant, effective and efficient organisation underpinned by effective structures, policies and systems is key to PDF realising its own vision, meeting its objectives and achieving its plans and programme outcomes. Therefore, PDF will review its current structure, policies and systems and make necessary on-going improvements to ensure that it maintains a high level of effectiveness, efficiency and relevance and adapts to changes in its operating environment. Such an initiative will be implemented consultatively with its members and stakeholders to achieve the optimal outcomes.

PDF will strengthen its governance, operations and capacity, and increase membership and voice across the Pacific and internationally

1.1       Strengthen institutional systems, leadership and advocacy skills
1.2       Increase membership
1.3       Secure ongoing funding