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KRA 2: Strengthening Partnerships

PDF will establish and strengthen partnerships with national governments, development partners, private sector, faith based organisations, civil society and other stakeholders, to influence and achieve disability inclusive development.

For PDF to effectively, efficiently and adequately meet the aspirations, plans and priorities of its members, ongoing engagement with partners and other stakeholder groups is necessary. PDF values its partnerships with a variety of organisations and recognises their important contribution and role towards the realisation of a shared vision, as well as common objectives and joint programmes.

PDF intends to strengthen relationships with current partners and governments in the region as well as explore new areas of engagement with other potential partners within and outside the region. The nature and scope of such partnerships will be, effectively developed and fostered by PDF commensurate with its own capacity, resources, priorities and plans.


2.1       Strengthen current partnerships
2.2       Secure new partnerships
2.3       Take up opportunities for new activities