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Who we are

The Pacific Disability Forum works across the Pacific and this is reflected in our board and staff. Learn more about the people who work with us to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in the Pacific below.


Simon Dolaiano (Solomon Islands)
Co-Chairperson (Male)

Simon Dolaiano is the President of Persons with Disabilities Solomon Islands.

Villany Remengesau (Palau)
Co-Chairperson (Female)

Villany Remengesau – is a member of the Omekasang Assocaition of Palau.

Tewai Halatau (New Zealand)
Board Secretary

Tewai Halatau is the General Manager for Vision Pacific Charitable Trust

Ipul Powaseu (Papua New Guinea)
Board Member

Ipul Powaseu is the co - chairperson of the Papua New Guinea Association of Disabled Persons

Richard Fournier (New Caledonia)
Board Member

Richard Fournier is the presidnt of Collectif Handiap of New Caledonia 

Samantha French (People With Disabilites Australia Inc)
Board Member

Samantha French is the Senior Policy Officer,  Employment and Accessibility for PWD Australia.

Sovaia Coalala (Fiji)
Board Member

Sovaia Coalala is a member of the Fiji Disabled Persons Assocations 

Timote Solo (Tonga)
Board Member

Timote Solo is currently the president of Tonga NationalDisability Congress based in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. 

Teewata Rokete (Kiribati)
Board Member

Teewata is a member for Te Toa Matoa in Kiribati.



Setareki S. Macanawai
Chief Executive Officer

Setareki Macanawai is one of the pioneers of the disability movement in the Pacific and one of the DPO leaders who established the Pacific Disability Forum. He was our 1st  staff member in 2006 charged with the responsibility of setting up the PDF Secretariat in Suva, Fiji in January 2007. He has lead the PDF team, and fostered the disability movement across the Pacific since then. Setareki was recognised for his contributions by the UN in 2012 with an Asia-Pacific Disability Rights Champions Award.

Savina Nongebatu
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Savina Nongebatu is the Deputy CEO. She comes with wealth of experince and knowledge on issues surrounding Women and Girls with Disabilities in the Pacific and had been the Manager for PWD Solomon Islands before taking up this post. She will spearhead the Gender aspect for PDF.

Katabwena Tawaka
Manager - PERU

Katabwena Tawaka joined PDF at the end of 2010. He brought a lot experience from his role as Program Manager for PIANGO. He managed the Progam Team for the last 7 years and is now the manager for PERU

Raveen Chand
Manager - Finace and Coperate

Raveen manages all financial, accounting, corporate and administrative matters and leads the corporate team. He has extensive experience working with local and international NGO’s as Finance, Procurement and administration specialist. Raveen also worked in the private sector as CEO, Manager Audits and Accountant.


Laisa Vereti Qalo
Manager - Planning, Policy & Advocacy

Laisa Vereti is the new Manager  - Planning, Policy and Advocacy for the Pacific Disability Forum. She was previously responsible for PDF Research and was part of the UNPRPD Project where she was based at PDF as a UNV Volunteer. She previously worked as a programme coordinator for the Pacific Islands Association of NGO(PIANGO), a regional platform in the region. Prior to that she was an executive assistant/programme officer for a national NGO, the Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS). She also worked for the Fiji School of Medicine and Oxfam Australia’s research in Fiji.

Angeline Chand
Disabled Persons Organisation Development Officer

Angeline has been with PDF since 2009. Her role is developing the capacity of our member PDF Disabled Peoples Organisations through training and support. She also manages the Pacific Disabled People’s Organisation Development Fund. Angeline has been recognised for her work by the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement. 

Nelbert Perez
PDF Northern Pacific Programme Officer

Nelbert is our Program Officer in the Northern Pacific. He works closely with the Rupulbic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Guam and Commonweath of the Northern Marrianas Islands

Simione Bula

Regional Coordinator - Disaster  Preparedness

Simi came in in 2014 an was responsible for information and communications within PDF. He then took over the reigns as Inclusion Officer ensuring Inclusion in all areas of development and policies. Simi works closely with partners and policy makers to ensure inclusion is across the board and is inclusive of all persons with disabilities. Simi is currently the Rgional Coordinator in regards to disaste readiness in the Pacific.

Soloveni Vitoso
Public Relations & Comunications Officer

Solo is responsible for Public Relations and for all information, communication, and Technology aspects within PDF. He also works with Disabled People’s Organisations to build their capacity in ICT and broaden their skills set. 

Naomi Navoce
DIDRRN Programme Officer

Naomi Navoce is a well known name for PDF, coming back in to be the Programme Officer for the DIDRRN Project. Naomi has wealth of experince in disaster, gender and youth issues and has been vocal for all women and girls with disabilities in the Pacific.

Lagesh Lal
DIDRRN Finance and Admin Assistant.

Lagesh Lal will handle all finance and admin aspects for the Disability Inlusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network  project. The project is renewable every 2 years.

Arieta Dumaru
Excutive Officer

Arie handles all secretariat work for the Chief Executive Officer.

Riteshni Devi
Finance and Admin Assistant

Riteshni handles all administrative and financial work for the secretariat. She provides administrative support to the Finance and Coperate Team.

Nancy Musukasau
Programme Assistant.

Nancy handles all programme logistics and administration work. She also provides support to all other teams in the office.

Neori Lagi
Driver and Office Assistant

Neori is our driver and office assistant. He is responsible for all transportation matters and also assists in running errands and the office clean up.