Closing Remarks - Side Event From Recognition to Realisation of Rights: Furthering Effective Partnership for an Inclusive Pacific 2030


Closing Remarks, Ms Nelly Caleb, National Coordinator of the Vanuatu Disabled Persons Organisation, Co-chair of the Pacific Disability Forum, Board member of the International Disability Alliance at the PDF side event, Wednesday 13th June, 2018 UN conference Room B, New York.

‘From recognition to the realization of Rights: Furthering effective partnership for an inclusive Pacific 2030’
·      Mr. Mika Kontianinen, Director, Disability Development, Policy & Education Branch, Development Policy Division, DFAT, Australia,
·      The Pacific Islands Forum Chair
·      His Excellency, Mr. Ali Feturi, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the Independent state of Samoa.
·      His Excellency Dr. Satyendra Prasad, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Fiji
·      Ms. Ross Mary Keyess: Newly Elected UNCRPD Committee member
·      Ms. Natalia Mattioli, Management & External Relations, Technical Secretariat, UNPRPD, Bureau for Policy & Programme Support
·      Ms. Catherine Naughton, the Director, European Disability Forum
.Other Distinguish guests, Colleagues, ladies, and gentlemen…….
‘From recognition to the realization of Rights: Furthering effective partnership for an inclusive Pacific 2030’

It has been truly an inspiring moment to have brought the Pacific together, our national governments, development partners, regional disabled person organization, and our global alliances. The Pacific has many challenges that limit us in implementing the Convention on the Rights of persons with disability: for example;
·      Our remoteness is a challenge
·      Our smallness is a challenge
·      Our diversity becomes a challenge
·      Being a large ocean state is a challenge

In terms of resources, the Pacific has its own limitations and challenges. We are a resource constraint region, i.e. human resources, expertise and financial resources. This evening’s event has proven that the efforts made and done so far have proved that it can be done for persons with disabilities.

In saying this, what has been achieved so far, was made possible through work done in partnerships with you. It was made possible through collective actions. We have heard and seen results of the good work done so far, done through collaborations.

Ladies and gentlemen, to fulfil the vision of the 2030 Agenda ‘Leave no one behind’, what that means for persons with disabilities, it means that it can be done through us working together, it means through ‘Effective partnership’.

The Pacific Disability Forum and our members in the 20 Pacific Island countries and territories, our global alliance – the International Disability Alliance would like to thank you all.

Thank you for sharing the good work done for persons with disabilities. And we thank you in advance that, there will be ‘more and better’ for persons with disabilities in your programs.

And we urge you, that in the same spirit that we are gathered here this evening, we will take back with us the true spirit of effective partnership so we can fulfil and realise the rights of persons with disabilities in our settlements, villages, communities, towns, cities, societies and our nations as a whole.

We bid you farewell, and you all have a safe journey back home.
Tank you tumas and God Bless us all.