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Capacity Building

The Pacific Disability Forum’s  mission is to strengthen the capacity of Disabled People’s Organisations in the Pacific.  Our Program Team travels across the Pacific working to establish new National Disabled People’s Organisations in countries without existing organisations. The team also works with established organisations to ensure that they are effective and sustainable. 


PDF assists Pacific Island Countries that do not currently have Disabled People’s Organisations to establish a voice for the disability community in their country.  We run a 3 to 5 day intensive training program for people with disabilities covering organisational skills such as human rights, advocacy, administration, finance, project proposals, seeking funding and reporting.  At the end of the training, participants have the skills to organise their Disabled People’s Organisations. These new organisations are provided with additional ongoing support and training. 
We help existing and established Disabled People’s Organisations by helping them to become sustainable.  This includes finding alternate sources of funding, sponsoring representatives to attend conferences, and running training events on numerous issues in disability.
Some recent events have included:
2013 Regional Forum on Disability
2012 - 2013 Training of Trainers and Other Leaders
2012 Community Based Rehabilitation Conference


We provide funding for Disabled People’s Organisations based in the Pacific.  Eligible organisations can apply for both project and organisational development funding. 
If you would like more information on how your organisation can apply for funding, visit our funding page.   
For more information on how we build the capacity of Pacific Disabled People’s Organisations, contact the Disabled People’s Organisations Development Officer at development@pacificdisabilty.org.