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Towards An Inclusive And Resilient Pacific For All Persons With Disabilities.



Ensuring And Realising The Pre-Condition For Inclusion


Promoting Leadership And Deepening Partnership For Inclusion


Evidence, Data And Information For Inclusive Policies


Regional Cooperation And Resource Mobilization


Inclusive, Responsive And Sustainable PDF

Cross Cutting: Inclusiveness, Gender Equality, National CRPD Compliant Policy Framework, DRR and CBID.

The above is an illustration on how the Areas of Work are inter-connected and contributes to the ultimate Goal, i.e. an Inclusive Pacific 2030. 

There are three layers of rectangular blocks on its own, connected with arrows sideways and upwards.

The top has ‘Inclusive Pacific 2030’ which is the ultimate goal, the second level has KRA 3: Ensuring the pre-conditions for inclusion and KRA 4: Reaching the point of no return towards inclusion in mainstreaming sectors.

These two blocks are connected with an arrow pointing both ways. Each of these two blocks have an arrow pointing to and connecting it to the ‘Inclusive Pacific 2030’ block at the top.

The bottom level has three blocks with KRA 5: Regional cooperation and resource mobilisation in the middle and to the right is KRA 1: Inclusive, responsive and sustainable PDF and to the left KRA 2: Evidence, data and information for inclusive policies.

The three blocks are connected with arrows as well as an arrow connecting it upwards to the second/middle level, to KRA 3 and KRA 4.

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